Tuesday, 20 June 2017


What is MIS?

A Managment Information System (MIS) is a core tool for School Leaders.

An MIS focuses on the management of information across the school including attendance, behaviour, assessment, teacher attendance/absences, pupil data, teacher data, SEN information. Modern MIS solutions have become more integrated with timetabling to provide greater efficiency in information collection, analysis and statistics.

An MIS, used effectively, helps schools to maximize school leaders' knowledge of the pupils and staff of their schools. Effective use of the MIS requires whole-school engagement to ensure that data is collected.

NAPD ICT & MIS Providers Forum

NAPD ICT meet with some of the MIS providers (those who have agreed to work with NAPD ICT) on a regular basis to discuss suggestions from School Leaders and to report any errors or bugs.

Please click here to complete the form should you wish to have an issue raised by NAPD ICT.

The main MIS providers in Ireland are;

Advanced Learning (Formerly Serco or Facility Admin)

Gp-Untis 2011


SIMS (NovaT)


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