Friday, 17 March 2017

NAPD JCT Curriculum and Timetabling Workshop

Please find below the files presented on the day

Powerpoint Presentation

Also on the Day Alan presented this (Click Link OneNote ) that he CBC developed for Wellbeing which includes a Curriculum Wellbeing Log (Curriculum Map) it is a resource for wellbeing that they are developing in, it is a 1st draft and a work in progress so please take it as such,

It is far from complete and some areas have more detail than others, it was put together over a few days with a view to developing it over the next two years.

It may be of some help, in particular the section around curriculum. It should just extract when downloaded and you will need OneNote which will be on most Windows PCs.

It is also here as a (Click Link  PDF ) but you will not be able to open the embedded Word documents which will be useful. 

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